Pentatonix PTX volume III

Real cool bloggers are sometimes offered some products to test or some products to give-away as a form of publicity by brands/ companies.    I'm not such a cool blogger that gets contacted by firms, pooh, and usually I also don't try to compete with other bloggers either to win something.

But Yab is such a cool blogger that gets to give away stuff:   the latest album of her favorite a capella group Pentatonix.

When I grew up, the CD of the Flying Pickets was regularly played.  I love the playfulness that a capella music brings:  where in regular music I often disregard the base line or other instruments in the background, I am intrigued how these music lines are brought to us by voices.   Concentrating on these in isolation can be quite funny "bum bumbumbum pararaaa bum bumbumbum" ....must be silly to sing but become such an essential part of the music.  Like chamber music where a small group of instruments all are equally important, all voices play an equal part in the song.
Additonionally it's often quite refreshing to here well-known hits brought in a new arrangement by an a capella group.

So when Yab blogged about Pentatonix, I listened to their version of Papaoutai (orginally by the genius Stromae)   and Somebody that I used to know (originally by Gotye) and I took my chance. Ha...and there was a surprise in the mail after our vacation. Woohoo.

And so now I am listening to funny voices and original arrangements in my commute to work.  I think Papaoutai is the best one o the PTX Volume III but that's merely because I also like that original most. Other's are learning me to appreciate the original more e.g. La la latch

Thanks yab!


yab said…
Glad you enjoy the cd!

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