Friesland: Leeuwarden & Franeker

In the past weekend we explored not only Harlingen, but also 2 more of the 11 Frisian cities:  Leeuwarden and Franeker.    When in Friesland in the middle of winter, it's not really the best timing to take the ferry to the islands and go bicycle riding, so we'll reserve that for another future visit one day in the summer.   Renting a boat and discovering the Frisian lakes is on the agenda then as well.
But during our short stay this time we concentrated on the small picturesque historic cities for a stroll and a snack. That was more than good enough.

In Leeuwarden, the province's capital was more people on the road than in Harlingen...but more quiet that the latter was impossible.  We managed somehow to park at 200m from the tourist office but missed it completely and then strolled a bit blindly through the old city.  In all honesty, I had expected more of the city.  Although clearly much bigger, with a visible business quarter etc, I don't think there was more to see than in Harlingen, except for some pretty good musea that we chose not to go into with Kabouter.

So after a fairly short visit to Leeuwarden, we returned and went to the city of Franeker.  After a short lunch, we walked a self-guided walk through this historic university city.  After that it had been sufficient visiting for Kabouter.  After 5 min in the car he was a sleep, but we only had to drive 10 min....Obviously he woke up and didn't sleep anymore once in the room.   After playing for a while, we went out back in the city for another dinner.




Brian Miller said…
what a cool all the old architecture and bricks...and the canals....

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