Kabouter's words (I)

Since Kabouter becomes more and more verbal, I thought it would be good to log some of his verbal "wisdom" from time to time

  • Mama  ( mommy)   both still interchangeable
  • Papa (daddy)           both still interchangeable
  • kaka (poop)  :          without a correct meaning, is more a random sound he can make
  • Nee (No):                 No
  • Ja (Yes):                   Yes (but sometimes just a sound to imitate rather than a positive confirmation)   
  • Tuuuta  (a siren):    living only a few blocks away from a police station, a hospital and a prison means that we hear a couple of sirens coming by each day.   And he has a toy fire truck and books with siren sounds as well. So lot's of tuuta's in his life.
  • Bumba:                    a yellow clown in a baby tv show with lots of merchandising. Currently his biggest friend
  • (N)og:   (more) :       he wants more food
  • (G)edaa(n): (done): he is done drinking/ eating or done brushing his teeth
  • Dadaa:                     when waving  (not necessarily when saying goodbye)
  • Hallo:                       as diversification from only saying dadaa to people or talking to the phone
  • Lalalalaaa:              he starts to sing along
  • Die   (that):               pointing at something. Most of the time we have no clue what he wants.
  • Tuut  (pacifier)         he wants / searches his pacifier
  • Iau  (cat)                   Miaauw, the sound of a cat
  • Atchie (sneez)          All sneezes are repeated and are very very funny
  • Apuu/ Apie               It's a mystery but has something to do with food


Brian Miller said…
ha those first steps into language can be so fun....some of these are familiar from my own boys...some def unique...cool

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