Music Flashback: Anola Gay

Some music immediately triggers a flashback down the memory lane and will forever be linked to some images, memories, events.

I have already told about my high school Latin teacher little H. and her complete lack of authority causing all of her classes to be anarchy & chaos in this post.  The chaos in her classes was legendary, but little H. was also a very sweet lady. 

As already stated in the old post as well, she was our home room teacher in grade 10.   For that matter we gathered once per month with the entire class for a class room lunch where we were entitled to stay inside and eat in our room  and discuss any class matter that needed to be discussed.   It was always fun not to have to go to the canteen and to be all together without any class mate going home for lunch. 

With little H. we always put some music on (even in some of her classes... we even organized sing alongs in her classes).  On one of the lunches on a glorious spring day, Enola Gay started playing. 

"Ha, did you know you can dance the Hucklebuck on this rhythm"
"noo, really?"
"Yeah, look"   and M. in our class started to jump around, pointing her foot tip right right and then left left ...   Little H. was right away interested and her face lighted up.  Much to our surprise she showed interest to join in.   I'm always in for a stupid line dance as well and in a minute we were 5-6 lined up in between the desks.  We lacked room.

"Can't we go outside, hey , let's go to the orchard, we can plug our radio in into the 'garden classes'".

With that argument even the cool kids in our class felt like joining in our little dance plan.   And so we all moved with the radio to the garden, we opened the window of the nearby classroom and we lined up in a few rows under the blossoming trees.

Right foot tip to right right 
Left foot tip  to left left 
right knee to the back back
left knee to the back back 
right knee to the left left 
left knee to the right right 
right foot kick left left
left foot kick right right
turn and jump/clap

repeat in all directions

We must have looked awfully silly (as one does when dancing the Hucklebuck)  when we got brutally interrupted by the principal's secretary who burst in to that garden classroom check where the noise and giggling came from.  No students were allowed in that area over lunch break. 
"Oh  I thought you were here unsupervised"
"No no, we're just dancing"  Little H. replied.

And so we did, a few more rounds.  I'm sure OMD never would have thought high school kids dance the hucklebuck on their hit. 


Brian Miller said…
ha. now that sounds fun...i love doing crazy stuff with my classes....

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