Kabouter random things

  • Kabouter has learned so much new things in the last 2-3 weeks. So often I can phone Jan (when he's traveling) and tell him "guess what Kabouter is doing now...".
         - He is singing lately.  He was already chanting the name "Bumba" along with a theme song of his favourite friend, yet now he adds imaginary lines to it or plane out "lalalalaaaa" melodies. 

       - Since 3 weeks he makes more or less successful attempts to climb in the sofa with us. Usually he needs some support. But 2 days ago he climbed without any issue on a foot support ...and then onwards on the coffee table.  Ha, excellent new skill to him: I can simply climb & reach anything on the table and sit on the middle of the table. Sigh....great?

       - He speaks much more. No idea what stories he's telling us, but he's telling them.   His vocabulary is enlarging though.

      - He insists more on climbing the stairs with us, rather than being carried up

      - He is playing purposefully with his toys. Whereas the tower cups were fun for months to run around with, throw down the towers that we had built for him, hand out, etc...he now manages to actually build correctly the tower himself.    He also figured out this week how to make a simple puzzle.  And he amuses himself practicing these skills. 

     - he manages to do things with our phones or computers that we have no clue how he achieves them. Unfortunately enough if he manages to eg freeze our screen half swiped away, he can't explain us either how to get it back (although he sometimes manages just as well to undo it). 

  • This week I noticed some rolling movement next to me while sleeping. In a flash moment of panic I realised I had forgotten somehow to bring Kabouter up to his bed the previous evening and that he was now going to roll and drop out of our bed.  In a swift rescue turn, I tried to grab him & save him from falling.
         "What!?   Huh?  What's wrong, what are you doing?"   Jan grumbled 
         At that point I woke up more, realising that Kabouter had either grown incredibly much taller in just a few hours of sleep or either Kabouter was simply sleeping nicely in his own room as always and I had startled Jan who had turned around in his sleep.   Oooops.

  • After a banana hype for almost 2 months where he'd live only on bananas if he had a choice, this week his preference seemed to tune down again to more normal proportions and his interest in eating bread & sandwiches is back.
          For vegetables or fruit, he can be quite picky...which he is not in daycare.  Hmm clearly testing us. That's not fun as I am very conscious of the amounts he eats since he is so tiny & light. 


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