Made in Belgium: Urban Trad (updated)

For years I've been a great fan of Urban Trad and I've seen them half a dozen times live...each time they made me dance (although less that last time in Leuven). Unlike many other folk bands they are always full of rhythm, energy and love to combine the traditional sounds with new sounds.

I was very disappointed to hear that the group quit in 2012. I'd miss them.
So the good news is that the rest of the band members decided to continue after the lead singer had left and they had recruited some new band members and had a new single last fall. Yippeeee....hopefully it is the start of a new wave of inspiration and successes.  They seem quite active touring around again and they are scheduled to play at the folk festival in Dranouter. yeay! Hopefully they come back to Leuven quite soon again.

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