Music Flashback: Berdien Stenberg

I was just starting in elementary school when a Dutch flutist had a hit on the radio with a popular classical song.  And Berdien changed the rest of my youth...  My mom and my sister had taken music classes in their youth and could play an instrument.  Without particularly idolizing Berdien Stenberg  (I even disliked the cassette tape from Berdien Stenberg I had received once as a present. It was too much of the same), "Rondo Russo" had triggered my interest for a flute and from that moment on, it seemed clear that I'd go to the music academy as soon as I was allowed (in grade 3) and then start playing the flute as of grade 4 after my first mandatory year of learning to read music scores...and so I did.

For the next 10 years, I played about 30 to 60 min the flute per day, practising at home.  I started in the beginning in September, with the windows of my room wide open...which I stopped soon after my neighbour boy had joked to other people about the 3 tones I could play already.  (it became winter anyway, to cold to open the window...).   The music academy became the place where I spent most of my free time  peaking probably around grade 9-10 where I took music theory, flute, band & drama classes  and completing my amateur music degree in grade 12 with flute & chamber music.

Unfortunately my flute has now been dusting away in the closet for years...I guess I should pick it up to entertain Kabouter a bit and get my rusty fingers moving again on something else than a keyboard.

Anyway,... hearing Berdien Stenberg gives me flashbacks to all the classrooms in the music academy, the playground where we hang around, my different teachers over the years, ... Nice memories.


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