Vienna Zoo (part I)

A few years ago I would have never considered going to the local zoo, when doing a city trip. After all, I might as well watch an elephant in a Belgian zoo: they are not really different at a different location. So paying abroad to go to a zoo, seemed like a waste of time and money ,...2 things I used to prefer for very typical local things I could not find or see in my own country.

...but once you have a little kid, you change and visiting the zoo in Vienna seemed like the most perfect trip to do last week. The weather was nice and sunny and the "Tiergarten" was next to one of the marvellous palaces & parks, so we could combine the visit.

Our little Kabouter sure enjoyed the animals more than the palace (garden) ;) and refused to fall asleep until he was over 8 hours awake and simply crashed forward in his stroller 20 min before we left the zoo again to bring him back to the hotel room for a decent nap.

The "tiroler" section of the Vienna zoo with very exciting animals for Kabouter, such as the chickens ;)

And the more exotic animals


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