Where on earth is Spring hiding?

Gosh this weekend the weather was depressing.  As was previous weeks and the predictions of next week to be honest.  Cold, windy,  non-stop rain.  ugh.

We were in the Ardennes but the weather didn't allow us to get out really.

But then our Kabouter 'discovered' his snow boots that he has resented so much in the winter, on the shoe rack and he carried them up to us all the time to put them on. Much to our surprise this time he seemed to love them right away.  No more awkward heavy steps followed by crying as 2-3 months ago.....nope, this time the boots resulted in an endless hyper happy running around.   Ha, well, we can't say anymore that we bought them for nothing.   I guess they are now better sized and he's more used through his other pair of daily shoes to the weight of a decent sole?

And then we had to load something in the car and he escaped outside and we couldn't get him inside anymore.   With his rain jacket and boots, he confronted the weather.
"hey mom, why else do I have a rain jacket & good boots? let me play outside!".   Ugh...great, I think it is important for kids to play outside, but it meant that we had to confront the rain & cold as well to keep an eye on him.    (we did order a garden closure & railing to protect the edge of the garden with height drop this weekend too so our garden should become safe to him).


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