This week

  • I had lunch outside for the first time this year
  • The ice cream streetcar is on the road again with now and then a brief stop on the parking lot at work
  • The amusement park across the road from the office has reopened so when enjoying lunch outside or buying an ice cream, this is accompanied by the happy screams of people in the roller-coaster
  • Kabouter got ill again: a big cold with fever that lasts 2 days, as usual
  • It's Easter vacation so no traffic , yet next week there's going to be road blocks for traffic on both my 2 major entry roads home. Dugh.
  • Tomorrow the first nice spring weather we had will turn around again. That sucks as we have been organising a big streetsleep in favour of the international day of the streetchild tomorrow evening, so let's hope we stay dry & warm on the road
  • There's a good turnout of people though, mostly subscribed only this last week, which is very exciting!  (and that being said I just see an update of the number of confirmed sleepers coming in and we've reached our initial ambitious goal . yeaaay). 
  • I was so busy with organising, meetings and a sick Kabouter that I somehow totally forgot to blog (first posts this week were prescheduled)
  • I might be too tired in the beginning of the next week to blog after that night out on the street...who knows. I do have to admit it scares me a little bit (not in terms of safety at all, but for being cold & tired & uncomfortable in the middle of the night with the time passing too slowly). 
  • That's really not going to be any difference from this week where Kabouter kept us awake the first nights because, with hindsight, his cold/illness was breaking through. Gosh I was a wreck on Wednesday. 
  • ok I'm just rambling a bit. Do you mind?


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