Old friends and playing children

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was swimming in a Spanish pool and a Belgian boy approached me to ask if I was Belgian too.  "yes indeed"  . He pointed some more Belgian people around the pool and we all started a conversation  ..."all" is exaggerated as the girl wasn't very talkative at first but as soon as she overcame her shyness we became good summer friends and the 3 of us hang out together all of the vacation.

Fast forward > 20 years and the girl and I have always kept in touch.  Last summer we've promised each other we'd try to see each other more often (like once or twice a year rather than every x years) and over the last 12 months we've just made it two times ;)  . 

It was a fun relax afternoon with a first ride on the back of a bike for Kabouter, with an unexpected ride on a banana boat in the canal for her son, with some pool time and trampoline time for all the kids and some truck time for Kabouter (which he preferred more than being in the pool...good to know ;) ). 


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