A walk in the woods

It seems ages ago that we made a decent walk but since my diabetes diagnosis I am making a serious effort to at least make plenty of short walks. So I took Kabouter yesterday just after lunch for a tour around the block to go and see the cows in the stable now that we can't see them anymore in the field behind us.

In order to stimulate myself I have programmed a goal in Runkeeper that I'd walk 45 kms this month: 1,5 km on average per day which seemed very reasonably since I often manage to walk 1 km after lunch at work (= 3 tours around the office) and I assumed I'd make up several kms in the weekend. So far I lag behind though so I want to catch up a bit these days in the Ardennes. We got Kabouter enthusiastic to go ride his bike in the woods and off we went.

The little boy bravely rode 1km uphill but the meltdowns started to follow quickly:   lots of tears because he didn't want to ride his bike, because dad had to take his bike, no because dad really couldn't take his bike, because he'd ride himself, no because he didn't want to ride, no he didn't want to walk, no he didn't want to sit in the stroller.   Putting him in the stroller despite all protest, motivated him to go and ride his bike for another 5 min but then it was truly over.  All our hope to see some deer was gone with the 2nd meltdown that only stopped after being carried in our arms for a while after which he surrendered sobbing in the stroller.  And we could pick up some speed from our whopping 2km/h with the little man progressing himself.  But after a while all wrapped up cosily , he regained energy and was laughing all goofy again when we went to see our favorite highland cows a bit further. oh yeah, he is a mini goofball.


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