Maybe I'm a bit more quiet here lately because I'm quite busy at work and then in the evenings, I'm busy with this type of lists in my head

  • location: booked more than a year ago
  • caterer: booked
  • townhall: booked
  • church: booked
  • dress + shoes + jewels: bought/ordered
  • men's clothes: ordered
  • rings: bought/ordered
  • DJ: booked & appointment made
  • photographer: booked
  • guestlist: finalising, gathering addresses
  • invitations: finalising design, checking print offers
    choose envelops: to do
  • children's clothes: shopping day planned
  • choir: booked
  • flowers: to do
  • Taxi: booked
  • Honeymoon vacation: booked
    (and new passport ordered....getting international driving license and check vaccinations to do however)
  • Hairdresser: booked (test time to plan)
  • Make-up (and dermatologist check-up): to do
  • Menu's: to do (waiting for info from caterer)
  • Wedding service : to do
  • Notary: to do
  • Table settings: to do
  • Hen party: apparently getting planned
  • ....(all the things at this moment not in my mind)

No wonder there is less room for blogging huh ;)


Anonymous said…
Hen party... is dat een vrijgezellendag/avond?? Oh, ik hoop dat je daar uitgebreid verslag van brengt op je blog :-)!
Korie said…
Oooh, where's the honeymoon gonna be?
Carol said…
Ohhhh, but THESE are the good sorts of lists!

Mine are nowhere near as much fun!

anno said…
Oh my! You have been busy, and in the best kind of way. What fun!
Jenn said…
Such a fun part. I loved my wedding and was so sad when it was over. All the work and planning and it was over in one day. So try and enjoy the planning...

Goofball said…
@Lilacspecs: Bali

@Anno/Jenn/Carol: thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. Preparing the wedding is sometimes very much fun, especially when a new decision is taken and you can totally picture it and it makes you want to do little jumps up in the air.

But often it's such a burden. When I come home eg yesterday tired from too much work, sore throat, then I hate the thought that I must chase the caterer to send some menu information urgently if we want to be able to decide on the menu in time, that I have to compare 4 offers from printing agencies for the invitations urgently if we want to have the invitations printed in time, that I need to discuss the guest list once more with Jan, that my mom phones to discuss the clothes of the family, .... while all I want to do is simply watch some tv in the evening.

I don't like the look of my agenda when all my previous and next saturdays are taken by appointments in jewelstores, clothing stores, DJ meetings, flower shop visits ....
I don't like it that even if you want to keep everything as easy, simple and spontaneous as possible, you still need to make that decision together on so many points, agree upon it, spend time on it.

I'm sorry to say but very often I don't find wedding planning fun at all. I wish I could jump in time to June and skip this entire part. And read some books and go diving and sleep in in the mean time!
Snooker said…
WOW! No wonder you've been a bit absent. I think it is justified. :)
Anonymous said…
Gawd, I had forgotten how much you have to think about when planning a wedding! You've got a lot on your plate.
Kate said…
Oh sweetie, it sounds like you have a very very busy brain at the moment :( I'm sure it will all be worth it on the day. Good luck with it all xx
Allie said…
Planning weddings is hard work, tiresome yet so much fun. Because as Jenn said, all of that planning for one day and it really does go by so fast. Try to enjoy it, savour it and if that doesn't work, then tell Jan to cook you a fabulous meal and crack open a bottle of wine. :)

Miss you and I wish I were there to give you a helping hand.
R. Duckie said…
Congratulations!! I didn't know you were getting marred! :)

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