From bumper to prayer

Yesterday my drive to work at the start of this last work week, was more eventful than I had hoped.
At a crosspoint where I had priority from those coming from the left (even though they come from a major road), I didn't dare to claim my priority at the sight of a fast car coming along the main road so I stopped.

.... and apparently the car behind me stopped too
too late.

Oh great, not an accident on my last days at work while I'm highly pregnant.

I grabbed my insurance papers quickly and was relieved to see the other driver also get out with papers, while the car that I gave way too had turned around and pulled by again checking quickly through the window if we were alright.   Clearly we were, as he pulled up again and drove off.

The lady driver clearly was in fear at the sight of my huge belly and informed whether I was ok.    Yes yes, I was totally fine at first sight.  I felt the baby moving. I hoped I'd not get sore afterwards.

We parked at the side and started filling in our papers. The lady came from South-Africa and talked to me in a Dutch/Afrikaans mixture.  She was very polite and clearly felt guilty that she had hit me.   Much to our surprise there was hardly a scratch on my bumper unlike hers that was completely broken.

When we were done, she all of a sudden asked me a favour: if it was alright to me that she prayed for the baby.  Since I'm also religious I said it was alright to me, assuming she'd do that at home when thinking of us.    But she hugged me, took my hands and started to pray out loud for me and the baby right there on the street in Afrikaans.
She touched me by doing so (pun intended).

Wow, weird morning.    If any neighbours had been watching us, they must have been quite confused by the entire scene.

Fortunately my back that got quite sore from standing up too long outside, improved again once at work, my neck & shoulders remained painless and my belly remained soft with an active I guess I truly was allright and didn't need to go and see a doctor to check.   She phoned me again in the afternoon to check in with me though and today she sent an sms to check again.   I guess I'll send her a birth announcement in a few weeks to give her peace of mind.


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