Kabouter conversations - Feb 2016 (part II)

  •  (After picking up Kabouter out of his bed on a weekend morning and descending the stairs)

    M: "Sssst daddy is still asleep in bed"
    K: "Papa wakker worden " (papa has to wake up)
    M: "No no, ssssst"
    K: "Papaaaaaaa, papaaaa, wakker"....(in commanding voice while pointing ) "Papa bril aaan"

    (good observation that daddy puts his glasses on when he wakes up...so telling him to put his glasses on is a good way to ensure daddy doesn't go back to sleep)

  • (TV all of a sudden freaks out and starts buzzing very loud annoying sound. Jan goes and check it out)

    K: "Oei televisie kapot"  (oops tv broken)
    K: "Nu beterrrr?" (better now?)
    J:  "Ja nu is het beter eh"
    K: "Aaaaaaaah okay papa."   "papa gemaakt"  

  • K: "Busje waar ben je?   Busje waar ben je?  " (Little bus where are you?) while pacing up and down the living room
    M: "oh the bus is still in the bathroom. We took it there, but we forgot to bring it down"
    K: "boven? daarrr?  (upstairs, there?   while pointing upwards) Aaah okay"

  • M: "Can I join in bath? Is there still room for mommy in the tub? "

    (Jan and Kabouter were in the bath tub) (we have a bigger trapezoid shaped bath tub that fits easily 2 adults and a toddler. Yet I find it a bit harder to get in and out of a tub and settle comfortably with my big belly right now)

    K: "Mama plaats?   Hierrr, mama plaats"   (mommy room)  
    Kabouter points convienently to the most narrow side of the bath tub next to Jan's toes while he strategically takes place at the wide side next to Jan.
    K: "Kom mama, kom, hierr"   while pointing


    In the mean time Jan left the bath tub but I joined and I am cosily relaxing as a big stranded whale on the beach while Kabouter still plays next to me.

    K: "Oranje eendje voor mama" (orange duck for mommy)
    M: "Oh thank you darling"
    K: "Geel eendje baby"  (yellow duck baby)   and he places is in the middle of my big belly
    K: "oooooooh kijk, baby blij!!!"  (look, baby is happy)
    K: (with a pink duck in his hand)  "Halloo oranje eendje"

  • Kabouter all of a sudden pulls down my T-shirt and flashes my bosom
    K: "baby daar dinken?  " (baby drink there?)
    M: "Yes the baby will drink there"
    K: "oooooh..... konijnemelk??"   (oooh , rabbit milk = his word for chocolate milk due to the rabbit on the Nesquick powder boxes)

  • M: "do you want to eat another quark?"
    K: "ja, mama helpen, mama halen in keuken, kom daar" (yes mommy has to help, mommy has to get it in the kitchen, come over there"
    (he's getting pretty good in commanding!)

  • J: "Nee nee neee papa papa"
    K: "Nee nee neee papa papa"
    J: "Ja ja ja mama mama"
    K: "Ja ja ja mama mama"
    J: "ik ben een papegaai papegaai papegaai"
    K: "ik ben een papegaai papegaai papegaai"  (I am a parrot, parrot , parrot)


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