The waiting - preperation week

These are waiting for max another week:

Checklist activity while at home waiting
  • Backpack ready for my departure to the delivery room + suitcase for my stay in the maternity department. Birth plan and cord blood donation papers filled in.
  • List with phone numbers of people that'll hopefully keep their mobile ready and will be able to come and take care of Kabouter really quickly when we phone them at any hour this week.
    They've all gotten explanations in their mailbox. 
  • Draft print of birth announcement card is ready and waiting for the call that will give the designer and printing office the right birth date to print on it. The envelops have the address labels and stamps on them...waiting for the cards.
  • A first set of baptism sugar has been made.
  • An extra towel under my sheet protects the mattress a bit longer in case my water breaks.
  • List with phone numbers to phone after birth in our phone apps.
  • Maternity aid and lactation help has been booked
  • Camera charged and card empty
  • picture back-ups
still to do:
  • wash some more sheets/baby covers
  • fold & arrange child clothes better
  • make more baptism sugar
  • ??

Non baby related activity:
  • bathroom medicine drawer cleaned up (and moved to higher spot): bag of expired medicine returned to the pharmacy.  Shamefully we still have 8 (!!) non-expired nose sprays of 4 different brands. Oooops. 
  • Jan's cleaning out some more cupboards
  • I discover "House of cards" as first thing on Netflix that I seem to like (besides the series I watch on tv and I like where Netflix has no added value or misses the last seasons where I'm waiting for ) (whereas Netflix really misses good Belgian content!)


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