This week

  • The week started in an unexpected way...something negative that ended up feeling quite positive after all. 
  • On Tuesday an e-mail entered my mailbox that announced quite negative news...that unfortunately could only be taken quite negative.  An aquantaince from our sports club had passed away after battling the ugly C-disease for a year at the age of 35 , leaving his wife and 2 little children behind.

    I didn't know him all that closely but nevertheless that mail with his name in the title as a screaming loud omen hit me as a brick in the face.  In December we had both been messaging each other, each from a different waiting room in the hospital, both bored. He had his last chemo, was very optimistic about the results and we were planning dives for 2016.

    I had not seen this coming.
    I believe it's the first person I know that dies of cancer, younger than me. I had at least expected that after a successful chemo series, he'd be stable and better for at least 6 months or more.

    I kept visiting his FB page where all comments were already carefully blocked and scrolled through the many family pictures of last year on city trips, vacation and birthday parties that were still enthusiastically and optimistically celebrated. I looked at the faces of his wife and children and my heart broke.
  • Wednesday was my last day of working before my maternity leave.   At first I had the intention to work until next week, but since the gynaecologists were discussing to provoke my delivery in either week 38 or week 39 I've stopped a bit earlier, not to loose that time.  For a long time I've felt very fit and it felt unreal to have to stop, but in the last 10 days that energy shifted. I also noticed that my focus has completely shifted, where I was less and less pre-occupied with work and more and more with the upcoming delivery.  So it was good, it was time.

    I had managed to deliver all my deadlines and answer to all last questions (that fortunately slowed down the last week), so I was able to close off with a very clean inbox.

    It still feels weird though to walk out of the office while waving "see you in 3-4 months" and everybody wishing you all the best.  Memories of the previous time where I left in entirely different condition & emotions also came back quite vividly.
  • The first days home in my maternity leave are still filled with a lot of to do's.   Especially since I had no idea of my doctor's appointment on Thursday would give me a new earlier due date , I was a bit stressed as I was not yet ready at all. I am still not, and most arrangements seem to be ready for about 80% but not complete.

    pff but energy is low to complete it all though. So let's hope baby 2 still gives me a few more days.

    Other than that, it's fun to have the time to nap, to have somebody come over for a coffee and to start browsing the tv guides & netflix catalogue ;)
  • When being at the local printing office to check the test prints for the birth announcements, I wanted to order envelops and address labels etc.  Turns out that they can order with their suppliers only at some fixed dates after which they can receive the goods 4 days later. ugh??? I didn't have that time.   We ordered everything online at 10.30 PM and got it delivered the next morning.

    When will local businesses and their suppliers learn to focus on prime customer service above cost optimization (so higher inventory levels, more and faster delivery options, ...) to break a vicious circle of less sales and more need to watch costs? Cost optimisation is an internal goal, putting the business first above the customer.  Seems good strategy in the short term, but you'll lose your customers in the long run (and then cost cutting becomes a necessity as part of a endless circle downwards).  This is 2016 with big giants competing with you internationally. With a decent (maybe not best ) customer service though, people would love to shop locally (so did we) but if the gap in service is too've lost us as customers.


yab said…
10 years? DonĂ¹'t you mean 10 days? ;-)

Yes customer service is stille lacking. Small business owners really need to adopt fast or they'll disappear.
Goofball said…
:) 10 years corrected to 10 days

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