Le Monde Sauvage Safari Parc

After our successful rides to our family on Saturday, we dared to drive the rest of our long weekend to the Ardennes where we hadn't been over 2 months due to the arrival of Beertje end of March. (Jan's long Easter weekend to be more specific...I can't keep track of time at the moment).

Unfortunately for Jan and all those working people, the Easter weekend came with a big Easter storm.  Big wind gusts and a lot of rain spoiled a lot of fun, although it wasn't as bad in the east of the country as it was near the coast.   Jan came up with this insane idea that we could visit a zoo parc near Li├Ęge that we had talked about in the past on our way back home.   Yep, a zoo in the midst of a storm...good idea.

But he had talked to Kabouter already about going to the zoo and when I got dressed on Easter Monday , they were checking on the internet which animals they'd see.  The fact that I had mentioned it was storming seemed to be neglected completely and I had no energy to argue. After all, it would be a 15 min detour to go and check it out and part of it would be a safari drive.  I half expected the park to be closed when we arrived, but it was open.
We bought a year pass right away and started to tour the safari part of the parc in the midst of a big thunderstorm.  While it poured down rain and hail,  Jan and Kabouter next to me pointed at the deer, elephants, tigers, ... they could see from the car while Beertje slept through it all.  It felt so weird to be driving there in that type of weather :p. 

But then we rushed out of the car to go and get some food and to feed Beertje inside the restaurant.  While sitting there, Jan got frustrated as the rain had just ended and he wanted to take Kabouter outside to see some of the cages that were in the pedestrian area.  Sure enough, when we were all done, it was in fact blue sky all of a sudden and it felt so contageous that even I decided to join them for a walk , in contradiction to my promise to rest with Beertje inside a bit.

We expected to be some dozen cages with animals still to see but didn't realise we had started off on a stroll that took quite a while over a domain that was way bigger than we had anticipated. So out in the sun we all of a sudden had a nice zoo visit.  The parc is nicer than I expected, although there's much nicer zoo's in Belgium than this.  The living area's of all animals probably could be upgraded and enlarged ideally.  But for a very local zoo, this is not badly done and for something that is only 15 min detour from our itinerary to the Ardennes, it's a good spot to know.

By the end of the day (and long weekend) I was completely drop dead though by missing all my naps.   Please let me recover now for a week!


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