More daylight and fresh air in the attic

In 2012 we were quite busy transforming our attic in order to make some rooms there: it got insulated, it got a floor and it got some windows.

And then we got pregnant and Kabouter came and we had no more progress, until we outsourced some reinforcement works (and redoing our previous floor to ensure it could support some rooms).

And then we got pregnant again, but fortunately we didn't wait that long to talk to some contractors. We have the plans for a small bathroom approved but first we wanted to add some more windows for more daylight and fresh air as we realised that our current floor plan would create some dark spaces.
And in my current job I have learned all about the importance of daylight and fresh air for a healthy home.

The before pictures are here  and now it looks like this


yab said…
Looks great!

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