Back at home!!

4,5 months after my dad fell at their arrival on vacation in Spain, he's finally back home! After months of recovery after the hip surgery, heavy deterioration of his Parkinson's and moving back and forth between hospitals (orthopedic departments and neurologic departments) and revalidation centers, he's actually fit enough to return home. It's a great relief as for a long time it didn't look promising and his recovery didn't seem to happen, on the contrary.  Spring was a period with heavy worries that weighed on us and while we thought we were up for some very tough decisions this summer, a turn seemed to happen after all.

It feels really good and emotional to see him home together again with my mom although he's still very weak and fragile and needs a lot of care and support. There's some extra assistance arranged that will hopefully fulfill their needs, keep his condition stable and allow them both some quality time.

We had a good visit with the kids absorbing all attention as they usually do.


Gudrun said…
Oef, een hele opluchting zeg! Doe ze veel groeten van me!
Anonymous said…
Wat fijn dat je vader weer thuis is! Hopelijk kan hij dankzij de extra hulp nog een flinke poos bij je moeder thuis blijven wonen!

(PS. sorry als deze reactie dubbel is, ik kreeg net een foutmelding...)

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