Balade en terre des artisans

Previous weekend was the 2nd edition of a local craftsmen walk in our village and neigbour village in the Ardennes.   35 homes had opened up for the occasion and were welcoming a local craftsman to show off their craft work in the broadest sense of the word.

All the village roads were almost traffic free and a horse carriage was riding up and down between the villages. There wasn't a huge crowd out, compared to the yearly summer flea market, but there was a pleasant amount of people outdoors.

The walk was a bit chilly: autumn has clearly arrived in the high east of the country.  We underestimated the time it took to visit all stands, so we skipped a few but we saw a lot of nice woodwork, patchwork & clothing, candles, ceramics, paintings and drawings, ... While I enjoy to watch these type of decorations, those usually don't fit our style in the house. On the other hand we loved all "food stands" and tried some local nut wine,  local sausages and paté and also fresh ice-cream and waffles from our neighbor dairy farmer. Mmmmm!


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