Count your blessings - sept 2016

  1. Colleagues who contact you on Friday evening to ask if they should put the forgotten bottles with pumped milk in the freezer, after they've noticed them in the company fridge. 
  2. A group of 10 small children jumping enthusiastically up and down and yelling "wave wave" to a hot air balloon that flies by slowly and low, on a warm sunny September evening. 
  3. Dropping Kabouter off at school just before the bell goes and observe him hop to the classroom hand in hand with his best friend.
  4. Sun beams peaking through the forest on my morning commute to work
  5. The joy of throwing stuff away and seeing some new free space in your house
  6. A flock of geese flying over in formation really really low
  7. Visiting my dad... who is finally back at home after 4,5 months. 
  8. Booking a city trip again
  9. 2 kids with their nose pressed at the window, waving when you park the car in front of the house and walk home
  10. Acquaintances that drop off a forgotten-at-a-babyparty birthday present toy 
  11. The neighbour pharmacy that turns out to be on weekend duty when Kabouter reacts allergic
  12. Running with Kabouter in my arms to the school because we are late and breaking both into laughter because of the shaking.
This is a monthly list of simple things in my life that make me happy or that make me smile.  
As the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I want to pay attention to these small things that make me happy in my daily life and be greatfull for them. This is the 9th edition. You can find all of them via this link


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