Music Flashback: Popcorn - Hot Butter

Some music immediately triggers a flashback down the memory lane and will forever be linked to some images, memories, events. 

I was 4 and in the 2nd year of kindergarden at school when there was a big school festival organised. Each class was having an act in a big school show.

My toddler class performed some "robot dancing" with square arm movements and shocked non fluent head shaking on the Popcorn song.  I was positioned sitting with 2-3 other toddlers at the edge of the stage, with 2 ponytails, big red make-up circles on my sheeks and freckles and colorful leg warmers. While other kids had to move around on the stage, I had to move my arms up and down robotlike while wiggling my head sidewise while our legs were dangling down from stage.

It must have been a "marvellous" performance but I'm sure our parents thought we were all adorable. I think I was mainly overwhelmed by the whole show and was glad I could just sit there and wobble a bit and then run to the safeness of my parents arms.  Nevertheless I can't hear the Popcorn song without being catapulted back on the edge of the stage and automatically I start moving my arms up and down like a robot while I wish I was wearing colorful leg warmers again. And I get a big grin on my face. I believe I enjoy the memory more than the actual experience. 


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