Villum windows collection

At my work we all have a passion for daylight and fresh air and so it's no complete surprise that we visit a windows museum during a 3-day workshop in Danemark previous week: the Villum Window Collection.  So before all you geeks have the wrong impression: no it's not a collection of Microsoft products but a history of the evolution of actually windows in buildings.

The collection is made by one of the many foundations linked to my employer and its founder Villum Kann Rasmussen. It was actually very interesting to see the evolution of windows, materials used, changes in opening methods, different glasses and its impact of building styles during the centuries. Never studied (art) history with a focus on window history. 

A cool miniature replica tunnel of Versailles, showing the light effect of windows and mirorrs

But the nicest daylight and fresh air was at the entrance of the hotel with view of the sea.


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