Visiting the Science Museum with a toddler

After our succesful visit to the Tate Modern Museum, I figured another museum visit on Sunday morning would be a good idea. After some googling,  we figured the Natural History Museum with dinosaurs would be a brilliant idea.   We'd spoil Kabouter with a ride on the Tube and then visit a totally different type of museum and show him a real dinosaur.

But when we got out of the metro station and walked to the Natural History Museum, we bumped into a huge line. Gosh, it had only opened and you had to queue zigzag outside.  Jan and I looked at each other, at the children and shook our heads.  Nope, we'd not do that. We only had couple of hours left and if the texts on the ropes were right, people were queuing for 1h30 minutes!? Bloody hell.

I was so relieved we had not told Kabouter we'd go and see dinosaurs. Hey, the biggest European dinosaur exposition is in Brussels and we have not visited it yet, so we'd better work on that this year. We had only told Kabouter we'd visit another museum. I quickly turned around and said "Hey , there's the entrance of the Science Museum, surely they have something cool".   While there also was a constant flow of people entering, you did not have to queue.  Kabouter noticed the posters announcing a robot exposition and got totally exited to go and see Robodog from Paw Patrol. 

We didn't see anywhere immediately that would guide us to kids activities, except for the kids sticker books that were being pushed for sale at the entrance but that didn't guide us through the museum. Not entirely what I had hoped for.
But the museum had plenty of topics that could tickle a child's brain eg the old trains, cars, space discovery...for the evolution of transport and an entire floor on aircraft

The other halls on energy, digital evolution, etc etc were a bit lost on Kabouter. He couldn't get excited by the weird big cabinets that were the "first computers" etc...

He kept vigorously searching for Robodog...but we skipped the paying exposition on roboids. Fortunately the shop had some robots on display so he "found" them and then it was time to return to our hotel and pack up. 


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