Sliding down on a Cars (!) slide

Beertje is a climbing monster and he has no fear. He climbs on anything, the only way is up. Kabouter on the other hand only dared to climb slides on his own since he's 3. 

Since this spring we have a tiny slide in Leuven and it is a big succes for both boys. For that reason we've now purchased another small slide for the Ardennes and once again, it's a huge succes. I have to patrol the "each on their turn" to avoid fights. Beertje simply climbs when someone is on the top of the slide and doesn't go down quick enough.

A cars slide!! Let me show how to use it

Ok ok, my turn, let me test what is the best way to use it.

Hey move on, it's my turn. you are supposed to slide down. HEEEEYYY go down, I'm here already. It's MY turn, push, go down NOW. 

I'm the king of  the world


yab said…
Kan er nog altijd niet bij hoe hard beide broers op mekaar lijken!
Goofball said…
@yab: ja naargelang de foto is de gelijkenis frappant...maar als je foto's op dezelfde leeftijd bekijkt is er dan wel een groot verschil : op deze leeftijd was Kabouter wel nog compleet kaal en had hij een veel ronder gezicht. Beertje is ook wel veel blonder met lichtere ogen.

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