The swimming pool phases

Phase 1:  the illusion

It was a lovely day out, but it wasn't very hot yet in the shade (and wind) in our backyard.

"Get a few buckets with warm water and put it in their pool shell so they can play", Jan said while he was cutting the grass
"I believe it's still too cold to go in the pool.", I replied
"Oh, they won't go in, they'll just fill cups or so", he said
"If that's what you believe...."

Phase 2: Told you so
A few minutes later I found this situation when I came out of the bathroom.
I brought a dripping wet baby to his dad with a big "told you so" smile on my face.

Phase 3: adapt to the reality

So if they'd not stay out of the pool, I'd better get them dressed to go in the pool. But it truly was chilly in the shade.  So we quickly moved the whole thing into the sun where they could have water fun

Phase 4: the warming up hugging

they play and play and play...and all of a sudden both of them are miserable: they are cold. So then you can only roll them up in towels, squeeze them all on your knee and do a long family hug.  As long as they sit still and enjoy the hug, they are warming up....Once they wiggle of your knee again, they are warm again. 


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