A culinary birthday dinner treat

Several weeks ago I had a milestone birthday to celebrate. Since I save my vacation days mostly for travelling, I went to work like any other day.  Birthdays don't tend to be a big thing in our house, as I've said before.  And yet I didn't want the day to just go by either. I had realised that Jan and I hadn't spent quality time with just the 2 of us in a long time so I booked a babysit and a very good restaurant.

I had listed 5 restaurants in Leuven with an excellent reputation that we had not visited yet and checked with my foodie friend Yab in which order she'd try to book.  Based on her recommendation, we made a reservation at Trente.

When we arrived in the Muntstraat in Leuven, a well-known street full of restaurants I walked straight to the building where I believed Trente was, to find a different restaurant there. All of a sudden I realised I confused Trente with a recently closed restaurant. Trente is a small restaurant a little further where in fact we had already celebrated my birthday exactly 3 years before :D.  So it wasn't a new restaurant after all, but who cares when you are served excellent food?!

They work with a culinary menu where you can select the number of dishes you want to get served. since it all looked so good, we want for the full option of 7 dishes.  The sommelier serves accompanied wines (or beers) but for each dish you get the choice to take a glass of wine, half a glass or to skip one.  Well 7 glasses of wine is truly way too much for me so I mainly drunk halve glasses and skipped now and then. 

It was a very nice closure of a birthday day where I already at work got treated to pastry and I brought appetizers myself.  I probably did not only add a year that day but also a kilo :D. 


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