Count your blessings - October 2017

  1. A sunny relax vacation!
  2. A snuggling baby toddler who falls asleep on  your belly
  3. Pure fresh simple but delicious food 
  4. 'Dedicated Survivor' on Netflix
  5. Thrilling detective books to dive in
  6. Forest that show their autumn beauty
  7. A soft warm duvet blanket
  8. A culinary evening out
  9. A baby that smiles and waves "bye bye" when you put him in bed
  10. Observing your dancing toddler
  11. Several weeks without illnesses for me, Jan or the children
  12. Free fresh soup for lunch at work again for the winter period

This is a monthly list of simple things in my life that make me happy or that make me smile.  
As the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I want to pay attention to these small things that make me happy in my daily life and be grateful for them. You can find all of them via this link


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