Puerto de Mogan: the town and the beach

We came for the first time to Puerto de Mogàn 2 years ago when we wanted to enjoy some beach time. Some other parents in the beautiful but very remote hotel in the mountains back then had recommended this little town with its nice small beach bay to us.  We went there to offer Kabouter some beach time as alternative to the pool.  Funny enough we decided to stay Puerto de Mogàn this year but we've only visited the beach in the evenings for dinner while we remained at the pool in the hotel during day time.

The town is the touristic, former fishing town from Mogàn, which is 7 kms more inland.  The town sits in a narrow long valley bordered by very steep hills.  The sun literally only arrives above the mountains at 10 AM. The city construction guidelines prohibit a high skyline, probably not to create more shade. There is a couple of big hotels and apartment blocks a km inland but they are all connected to the town and beach side with a long wide pedestrian boulevard. The walk to the beach takes about 15 minutes.

The boulevard , as well as all town streets and the entire harbour makes up a huge market on Friday mornings that bring tourists by bus from all over the island.  The market mainly offers a lot of fake clothes, toys and leatherware though. In town are several nice clothing and toy stores that offer brands at the prices we have in Belgium. 

Along the beach, which is formed from a small bay (much smaller than our memory) and which has been filled up by soft sand,  is a walking boulevard aligned with little restaurants and pubs. 


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