Beertje's words III

Beertje's vocabulary has exploded over the last weeks. This is a very incomplete list.  It seems that he can repeat any 2-3 syllable word from our conversations and he remembers a great deal of them to use again.

Since our October vacation, he also started consistently to combine them into 2-word sentences. 
  • Weg                      : Gone/ Hidden
  • Owa                      :  Elephant
  • Aahbei                  :  Strawberry
  • Pak                       : Take me
  • Bauw                    : sauce
  • Val                        : Fallen down
  • Kou                      : Socks
  • Kaa(t)                   : a friend from Daycare or Kaatje from Ketnet
  • Fie                         : bike
  • Caahs                    : One of the friends from Lightning Mc Queen from the Cars movies, as opposed to regular cars (= autooo) that do not have eyes. It's an important distinction to make.
  • Aan                        : on    (lights have to get turned on, he's a big admirer of light switches) (socks also have to be put on) etc..
  • Uit                          : what can be pot on can be turned/put off again
  • Kapm                    : broken (instruction to fix something)
  • Nijjjn                    : Rabbit
  • Var                        : Pig
  • Muis                      : a mouse (the correcter version of the part II)
  • Plas                       : a puddle or a river or another wet spot
  • Ham                      : A sandwich, a slice of bread
  • Vok                        : a fork
  • Banaan                  : a banana
  • He(l)p                    : the instruction that we need to help him with something
  • Ipad                       : iPad
  • Na-na-du               : a Bumba friend doll
  • Ryder                     : a Paw patrol figure 
  • Mshal                     : a Paw patrol figure
  • Skye                       : a Paw patrol figure
  • Iegtui                     : a plane
  • Vie (vis)                 : fish
  • Uh Oooh                : the sound we don't want to hear, but what we hear often 
  • Mama daag           : bye bye mommy
  • Ai Five                   : High Five
  • Appel                     : Apples, but more often apple juice  and when lacking the vocabulary any other fruit or vegetable
  • Op (open)              : a door that needs to get opened
  • Nee oor                  ; no  (strong while shaking his head)
  • Bus  daaaag           : bye bye bus
  • Vaaja                      :(vrachtwagen) truck
  • Nein                        : train
  • Maya                      : Maya the bee
  • Uit / Aan/ Uit/ Aan : On / off/ on / off   => high fascination for lights whose state of activity is constantly monitored and communicated to us.  It's also the instruction at the light switches to make some changes
  • Opa                         : Grandpa                      
  • Uilbak                     : the garbage bin
  • (B)(r)oek                 : pants
  • Ehmoo                    : Elmo
  • Maat                       : tomato
  • Appesien                : an orange/ a mandarine / .... or orange juice
  • Nog eet                    : Eat some more
  • Kaaa                       : Cheese
  • ijn                             : Pain
  • Voe  weg/  Daaa Voe: our little daily game when he puts his sleeping back on , then his feet are gone and in the morning we rediscover his feet when opening up the sleeping back
  • Lee(g)                      : empty (usually his cup of drinks, to ask for a refill)

A lot of these are combined now, as stated above. So when we wake up and he's hungry for breakfast he'll state "banaan eet, jaaaa banaan"  . On the road we'll get the constant explanation of what we see on the road "oooh bus, nog bus, daaaag bus,, nog auto, nog auto, auto weg." When I put my jacket on he comes "meee, auto mama meeee". 

Here you can compare Kabouter's list at exactly the same age
This is part I and part II of Beertje's words. 


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