LED there be light

When we renovated our house before I moved in, more than 10 years ago we found these really great minimalistic lamps. They've been my favourite in our house ever since. But they were hard to replace: the same type of lamps in non-transparent form are everywhere but they are old-fashioned usually in old-school bathroom furniture. But the transparent lamps weren't as easy, but still ok.

And then of course all glowing lamps were forbidden and one after one our lamps died and I figured we'd have to find a totally different type of lamp...since....well, these are clearly no LED lamps.

In the last year we only had 2 of them working anymore and then one more died last week.  While I cursed, Jan took the action of taking a lamp out...google a bit....order some  and the next day we had all of a sudden LED wire transparent lamps haging in our hall. And it's so clear to have so many lamps working! 

And I feel so silly for assuming for so long that there would be no LED technology for this type of lamp.  And for having had a lack of working lights in our hallway for so long. But now all is perfect again. 


yab said…
Wow, looks great. I'll feel right at home. ;-)
Goofball said…
@yab: 't zal zo donker niet zijn de volgende keer dat je komt logeren :)

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