Sinterklaas arrived in Leuven yesterday

We were running some errands downtown when all of a sudden we heard a marching band approach us.  It was all faked coincidence that we happened to cross the Big Market square with a detour to go home when Sinterklaas arrived in his carriage.

With some pushes from me in his back, I managed to manoeuvre Kabouter up front to watch the Zwarte Pieten dance.  He was watching with a great smile but didn't feel the urge to go and take a picture with the Pieten as all other children seemed to do at the end of the dancing.  With another big push from me, he ended up in the Pieten's arms after all.
In the mean time Beertje had no clue what was going on and remained very stoic at a distance.

Back home it was all over tv and the news : Sinterklaas had officially arrived in Belgium and started his visits. Kabouter heard and repeats "there are no naughty children this year!!". So we better start finalising the letters to the Holy Man that Kabouter started preparing for months now, we'd better brush our shoes, practice our Sinterklaas songs , buy some carrots for the horse, ...


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