Vacation reads

It's been ages since I wrote about books on here. That's because I've hardly read any book in the last 3-4 years. But on both last vacations (Florida and Gran Canaria) I've managed to steal enough short uninterrupted moments to get some reading done and it felt good.

Since I find it hard to find uninterrupted time and since I read as a means to relax, I prefer light literature that drags me into a thrilling story.

Michael Connelly has not let me down in the past and didn't do so this time.  The wrong side of goodbye is another Harry Bosch novel. My issue is that I do not read the novels in a chronological order so at one time he's an LAPD officer, now he turned out to be a private investigator etc.  Hmm a bit confusing.

The strange thing in this book is that it seems to be 2 stories in one. Harry Bosch finds himself in fact in 2 investigations at the same time, both taking more or less unexpected turns, one ending more thrilling than the other one.

It was a good page-turner at the pool!

Jo Claes is an author I have intended to read for a long time but only started this year. Jo Claes is a crime novel author from Leuven itself and his plots are situated in Leuven.

I read his first book in June in Florida and reading in the book that the police officer is walking in fact by your home door brings a very special dimension to the story.  While otherwise stories are still rather abstract, they were now happening in the tea-rooms, buildings etc where I come by so regularly.  Hey, I could theoretically see some of the events from my bedroom window so to speak.

So apart from the fact that I like his plots as good page-turners, this Leuven dimension brings a true added value for me. He mentions details from our city that I later on rediscover or see when I'm walking downtown.   This happened in this book again.  Pretty cool, so I'm happy that I have a 3rd book from him still waiting to read :)


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