Writing our letter to Sinterklaas

Since his birthday, Kabouter has been listing all the presents he did not receive for his birthday. That inventory had to be sent to Sinterklaas. Regularly he has been asking how much longer it would take until Sinterklaas came?

Well, he still has to practice being patient for a couple of more weeks, but sure enough things are getting closer now that we've seen that Sinterklaas has arrived in Belgium again.
So we took our draft letters, we took the toy publicity brochures once again and went through them once more to try to prioritise the endless wishes.  Paw Patrol, Cars, super hero's and robot/transformer/car types are the recurring theme.

Jan and Kabouter wrote their big letter together, listing Kabouter's good behaviour and his wishes and requesting some fun things for Beertje too. After we had worked on a big drawing to please Sinterklaas, we were ready to walk our letter to the special Sinterklaas mail boxes in town.


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