Strolling along the Croissette

His little hand is in mine,
we walk side by side.
For every step I take, he tripples twice next to me.
Step, tripple tripple
Step tripple tripple

Every now and then he pulls me to the side
"Kijk mama, kijjjk"
His little finger points to a pigeon, to a boat, ...
or to something unknown to me

I stand still and look with him.
He checks whether I see what he shows me
and then we walk again for a few meters
in my flipflops and his sandals
step tripple tripple
until he sees something else

The rest of the family disappears out of sight
among the tourists on the boulevard
But we are in no rush
while we stroll along the beach
at the Croisette in Cannes
Step tripple tripple


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