Visiting Gorgonzola's new calf

Through Boer&Companie , a group of young farmers around the nearby Abbey, we could get a fresh dairy subscription and a meat package straight from the farmer.  We already "knew" farmer Tom by first name through the stories from Kabouter and school as the school classes make occasional educational visits to the nearby farmer. Grade 3 even has a weekly visit to the farm so they can learn all year round about the evolving tasks in nature and on the farm. I hope that program continues until Kabouter and Beertje can benefit.
These farmers also collaborate with the Doeboerderij at the Abbey which we mainly know through family and their organised markets.

Anyway, since 3 weeks now Jan went to pick up with Kabouter our lot of fresh yoghurt, cottage cheese, cream and butter from farmer Ine.   Previous Friday the cow Gorgonzola had a new calf!  And mommy and Beertje had not seen the calf yet, so we had to fix that previous Sunday. 

We started off with some bike riding in the park and then continued our walk behind the Abbey towards the farm. Kabouter was proud to lead us the way through the calm hollow road.

After a while the children got tired though, since we had already done a decent walk in the morning to visit the Sunday market in Heverlee. "You have to take me" "I want in the stroller " "No I want to walk"  "I want to bike" "No I don't want to bike anymore." " I want to step" "You must carry me"... Fortunately the stroller can also be used as a big depot of different transportation choices.
Just in time to boost the morale again, we arrived first at the cherry tree from farmer Tom where we greeted the super cute lambs and sheep.

A bit further we passed the dairy pick-up point and Jan and Kabouter leaded us the way to the back of a field where we found the cattle.  Gorgonzola motherly protected its fresh born calf from our views but in the end we got a good look at the baby after all. 

We returned again via the beautiful domain of the Park Abbey where we re-energized with a pancake, we practised our bike riding skills a bit more and returned home...where Beertje (who had skipped his afternoon nap), fell asleep at the dinner table.  I guess it was a good day.


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