Beach time at Virginia Beach

At our previous American roadtrip last year in Florida, I experienced at Treasure island in Sint Petersburg FL how rewarding it was to spend a few days at the beach. This trip we planned again a few residential days at the beach without any further plans to relax and hang around and dig for pirate treasures.

We stayed at Virginia Beach , which has a length of about 30 kms of beach so it would cover half of the Belgian coast. Our hotel however was right in the middle of the 5km oceanfront boardwalk.

The weather wasn't exactly always cooperative for some beach life, but since there was only a few meters between our hotel and the beach it was easy to spend some time reading, castle building, relaxing, digging in the sand for shorter moments in between showers and other activities.  Hey no stress, we were on vacation: nothing is mandatory, and we are open for alternatives such as sightseeing, shopping or indoor swimming. 

But the time outdoor was well spent and each time we came back in, we had to shower 2 little sand monsters that seemed to have imported half of the beach back into our room. The children made momentary friends with other children while we observed the life guard training sessions right in front of our door  AND we spotted dolphins swimming by. 

Search the dolphin


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