Random points

  • I seem to have less time and inspiration to blog lately.   There's been more days without a posting and I've found myself a few times behind a blank post and the writing didn't come.  It's partially because of the 2 funerals that were in my mind the last weeks which make all other topics seem so trivial to write about. It's also because I'm very busy at work and sometimes I type some blogposts quickly during a lunch break.   And in my evening time, I've been too tired to write anything coherent or I use my "computer" time differently eg preparing my tax declaration or switching documents from my old laptop to a newer laptop.

    Nevertheless I still have a bit backlog of US vacation posts that I want to write and other things we've been doing in the recent weekends.
  • My 3000th published post has come by and it was sad one unfortunately.
  • Last week, I spent 2 days on workshop in Denmark. As always the meetings were combined with good attention for some outdoor breaks to get fresh air, the food served is always very healthy and the sea views are as always fantastic.

  • I've been painting another weekend in the Ardennes and managed to put the remaining attic in primer.  I'll post a bit more on that when there's more progress as I'm sure you are not waiting for a dozen posts on white painted walls.
  • I walked Beertje home from daycare last Friday and it was so fun to walk with this little boy who bravely stepped the entire way. We gathered stones and little flowers along the way and commented as always on traffic coming by.  "What is that?" was his most uttered question.
  • Our dryer has a history of acting up and we have recently fixed an alert on the water evacuation so we thought. But the issue came back and we had to make the choice or guess whether we'd let a technician come which would surely cost a lot and hope he'd fix it and our dryer would happily live a few more years...or whether we'd not gamble on it anymore and order a new dryer.   Let's hope it gets delivered and installed without issues and let's hope it'll live a long happy life in our family.

    Fortunately we still had a lot of "ecocheques" that I had to spend in the coming year and therefore we do not feel the big cost as much on our account (yet I annoyingly had to drive to the store physically to pay with those cheques).
  • After a few unwanted family gatherings at funerals this year, I was happy to spend some time with another part of my family yesterday on a much happier event. My cousin-first-removed got married and weddings are always giving good vibes.


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