Wildflowers, cows and horses on our walks in East Belgium

Previous weekends in the Ardennes I've been working really hard without getting much outside. Also this time I started really disciplined on Saturday morning to try to get as much as the first layer of covering paint as possible. I got 60% done in half a day.

But all of that hard work deserves a break so I was happy to stop when my friend from Yab came over for a visit. She knows she's always welcome and one person is easy to give room to sleep ...but when our attic is done, we can also host more people.  She's an easy going guest and she's comfortable with our easy going style of hosting people without much fuss.

Unfortunately it was a chilly cold weekend in between some stretches of really nice weather lately.  That sucked a bit, although the heating inside gave me a cosy autumn feeling.

So first we watched a bit of the world cup soccer after which we went to catch some fresh air on the country roads of the nearby villages. Together with the little boys , who alternately felt like walking or not walking at all,  we discovered some really nice wildflowers and went to say hi to the local cows that came to greet us.


On  Sunday we made a slight variation on that same walk but the boys all took their bikes...small bikes and bigger bikes that rode up and down while Yab and I tried to keep up...until we had to walk a whiny Beertje and carry him home asleep on my shoulder at the end.


The rest of the weekend we really didn't do much special but hanging around . The promised BBQ took place but we ate inside the house to stay warm. We talked, read in new books, watched some movies on the ipad and baked cookies.  Easygoing, just like I enjoy my weekends.

For better pictures, you can read Yab's post on this weekend. 


yab said…
Een weekendje chillen tussen het harde werken door is altijd plezanti

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