Made in Belgium: Hunter Falls

I'll be honest: I keep a list of Belgian artists where I can still make a post for in this Made in Belgium category (more than 300 posts already!) and I must have put Hunter Falls on there once after I heard him on the radio and realised this was a Belgian artist.

But since then, the name didn't ring a bell anymore so he's been sitting on my list. Until know where I searched for some artists and video clips that would fit this ongoing heatwave. I looked for some summer coolness and I found him. And I turned into a fan. He's even from Leuven! And his music is fun. Yeay.  Google learned me that he caused some commotion in Leuven 2 years ago by riding around downtown in his sofa vehicle. Hahaha, you gotta love him.   I'm going to add him right away to some of my Apple Music playlists ;).   So should you!


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