My smell

For a few decades I've been very loyal to one smell:  CK One.  It's fresh but not too heavy, flowery or sweet. It's a unisex smell which exists in the male assortment as well, and Jan in fact uses this parfum sometimes as well.

About 10 years ago, I discovered the green/yellow CK One Summer.  It was a nice alternative to my faithful choice, especially in the happy summer months.  Yet I notice I often take this smell on the year's coldest days as well. I feel like a real badass rebel then :D...or just homesick for the summer heat.
I remember buying a few bottles of CK One Summer on our honeymoon at the airport of Singapore. When going to the cash register in order to pay for my purchase, the sales assistent, a small Asian man, told me that this was not a perfume for women.  I insisted it was and put my bottles at the cash register. Yet he kept insisting and discussing with me, as if he wanted to prevent or even prohibit me from buying this perfume. It was very odd, because wtf? It is a women's perfume and even if it wasn''s not his business what I buy right?  It was a weird experience and I'll never forget this little man. I sometimes remember him when putting on this perfume. Unfortunately this flavour does not seem to be for sale anymore and my bottle is empty.

Much to my frustration and confusion, my loyal smells are changing. The basic CK One remains, but this winter I could only find the red CK One at the airport.  (I tend to only buy my perfumes at the taxfree shop in the airport...not sure even if that is really beneficial but that's what I do).   I've used the Red one a lot since because a funny connection in my brain now thinks I must choose the Red version whenever I am wearing something red or pink or purple...and those happen to be fashionable colors at the moment.

I also bought the IN2U but I'm not too much a fan of this smell. It's ok, but it's not wow.   I do not like all Calvin Klein products anyway: the Sephoria, Obsessed and Eternity are horrible smells. Bleh, way to heavy. And I didn't get thrilled by the CK One Gold either.

So CK One and CK One Red it was this winter...until I discovered in June that there is a new Summer edition!  Yeay.  Not my faithful yellow/green one, but a blue one. So I'm alternating 3 versions again!! (and yes, if I wear something blue, it's the blue one now...).

So do I always and only wear Calvin Klein parfume?  Basically yes, but many years ago I found a sealed taxfree bag in the women's toilets at the airport which contained a box of Tommy Girl.  I've given it at the gate that I could see on the inserted cash ticket on the back, but nobody claimed the missing goods before the plane left, so I went to retrieve my found item again.  And I've actually used and finished that bottle as well. But my eye didn't drop on it in a perfume store to rebuy it. I think I'll stick with my good old Calvin Klein One editions.


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