Vacation time at home in the Ardennes (part I)

Last week we spent part-time vacation in the Ardennes with the children (part-time: Jan and I alternated teleworking and  taking some days off in order to take care of the children).  The weather was still brilliant so we truly enjoyed some time off even though we were both working for several days. It's one of the rare moments in the year that we are staying in the Ardennes for more than just a weekend and it feels very relaxing not to be packing or driving any of the days.

We were just hanging out without any appointments, special plans, ... and it surely felt like vacation. All the liberty we had! Even when teleworking and closing the laptop at 5-6 PM and being outdoor with the children just 3 minutes later gave a very relax feeling. I must say that I was a bit reluctant to drive back to Leuven after these 9 days.

This is exactly how I dreamt it to be 8 years ago when we bought this property.

So what did we do??

1) We played with water

2) We read books

3) have most of our meals outside

4) We chatted with our neighbour cows

5) We went cycling

eg here but more than that later


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