Window museums are cool

You probably need to work for a window company to be able to become a window geek...but window museums are cool. If you love architecture and history a little, it's very fascinating to see how the evolution of window engineering has influenced architectural styles as well as living conditions/possibilities throughout the centuries.

During our company trip we had the joy to visit the Villum Windows collection (again...I'd seen it before) north of Kopenhagen, as well as the brand new VELUX collection in Billund where we could specifically see the evolution of the VELUX roof window

VILLUM Windows Collection

The windows time tunnel...a walk through history

The reflection of a gothic stained in glass window copy of the Sainte Chappelle in Paris

a miniature of the Mirror Hall in Versailles

"Wall of Windows from The Brooking" designed by Remco Koolhaas for the Biennale in Vienna 2014 from the UK windows collection from Brooking

The VELUX Collection

back to the 70ies


ElsS said…
looks quite cool actualy :)

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