Visiting Elk Island National Park

When staying in Edmonton, we headed out for a morning to the nearby Elk Island National Park.  It's only 35 kms away from the metropole and it's not very large. But it is the only national park that is fully enclosed by a fence and it is home to a heard of wood bisons and plain bisons.   Since the abundant North-American buffalo almost went extinct at the end of the 19th century, the park is now vital to worldwide bison conservation. 

Right from the start in the park we spotted indeed some groups of bison, some of them really closeby the road. 

Further we made some tiny hikes but we did not spot further any of the many moose or elk populations.

At lake Astotin lake we walked around and visited the boardwalk with great vista's on the lake. We also spotted the first set of red chairs that Parks Canada has placed throughout its national parks to allow its visitors to connect with nature in the country's most unique and treasured places.  Well this location sure was unique to relax and view the wide nature. 

Even though very small, we also appreciated very much the park's child friendlyness. The infocenter had a cute kid's zone but they also had a child folder with a treasure hunt and assignments.  


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