Grandma had a sleepover

Since my mother has been for years been the main care giver to my dad, she has not always been able to spend as much time with her grandchildren as she would have wished.  This winter we had to take the emotional decision that my father could no longer live at home and had to move full-time to a care center. The silver line in this new situation is that my mother has now a bit more flexibility in her agenda and so we invited her for a sleep-over with us in Leuven at the end of July.

She traveled to us by train, in time to pick-up the children from the playground with Jan and then we treated ourselves to a nice dinner downtown. Then the children could show grandma where is the best ice-cream in the city. 

She could assist us with bedtime book reading, helping with breakfast and then she had the privilege to walk the children back to the playground the next day. I think she had a very succesfull sleepover with us. 


Anne said…
Reading this makes me smile. Good for grandmother and good for grandchildren, time together. Always nice when you are able to see the silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud.
Hm. Ik had dit in het Nederlands moeten schrijven.
Kris10 said…
Omatijd! Daar gaat duidelijk iedereen van stralen!
Goofball said…
jaja omatijd is een goeie tijd eh, dus we gaan dit binnenkort weer overdoen :)
yab said…
Persoonlijk vind ik dat Decadenza het beste ijs verkoopt. ;-)
Goofball said…
@yab: ja dat had ik precies al opgemaakt uit je posts. Ik heb daar nog nooit van geproefd. 'k ben geen ijsjes fan, da's iets voor de jongens bij ons thuis. En die zijn vaste klant bij 't Galetje.

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