10 things to do in Scheveningen

What to do when visiting Scheveningen?

  1. Walk along the beach
In the north of the boulevard, the beach extends in a wide area with dunes and a backland of dune nature reserve.

2. Stroll over the Pier and view the beach from above the sea. 
Observe the daredevils that execute a bungee jump or that zip by above your head via the zipline.
Have a snack and a drink inside.

3. Chill in or in front of one of the many beach bars and enjoy some drinks or a meal 

The beach bars in the north of the beach (access via Het Zwarte Pad or boulevard side of Carlton Beach hotel) are very loungy and less busy.   The ones south of the Pier have a better food offer but are also busier.

4. Stroll on the boulevard and enjoy the fun sculptures.  Also visit the museum "Beelden aan Zee" which is located in the middle of the boulevard in a villa amidst the dunes.


The Kurhaus hotel , central in Scheveningen - Bad

5. Visit the boulevard and the square in front of the historic Kurhaus hotel for the nightlife.
Just ensure you don't get a hangover ;).

6. Stroll through Scheveningen village and harbour .
At the south end of the boulevard is the historic fishing village of Scheveningen and its operational harbour. You find a traffic free road and good restaurants and pubs around the harbour which is in full contemporary development and seems to become the new hotspot.

7. Visit Westerbroekpark
Approx 500 meters behind the coast line and the first neighbourhoods of Scheveningen bad is a green zone of dunes, woods and parks that seperates Scheveningen from The Hague.

Westerbroek park between the Badhuisweg and the Haringkade is a beautiful English garden park with wide green zones, play zones for children, a tea house and a famous rose garden with over 250000 roses in 350 beds. It's definately worth a visit and a good area to chill away from the touristic beach

8. Admire the many Belle Epoque villa's along the Badhuisweg

9. Visit Muzee
In the historic village school is the museum of Scheveningen. Its collection is about the fishermen , their equipment,  the historic village of Scheveningen, the life in the sea.   It's not a very modern museum and I found it confusing how the displays seem to jump back and forward from historic pictures of Scheveningen to a display on fishermen's cloths to fish skelettons to boat displays to some more fishermen life stories. 

10. Visit the Atlantik Wall bunkers

In the Scheveningsche bosjes right next to the cycling path of the Badhuisweg, right across some nice villa's are some Atlantik Wall bunkers hidden. If you don't pay attention you drive by as there are trees on top of them.  Yet they are an extensive set part of a full defensive line built in Scheveningen in between the village of Scheveningen and the city of The Hague where all of the town in between got evacuated by the Germans as no-entry zone.

The bunkers itself were fully operational as local command post with many rooms for command posts, guard rooms, gas installations, telecom rooms etc.  Impressive.  

11. Only applicable to us: visit our own former apartments and see what is changed and what is still there in the neighbourhood.


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