20 random pictures of the last 2 months

1. We started the New Year in the same way as we ended it culinary :)

2. We had a 4-legged ghost in the house

3. We also spotted a green cat

4. I twinned with Beertje with our checker pattern flanel pajama's

5. Beertje wearing an Epiphany crown

6  The cutest musk rat I've ver seen

7. The Christmas party at work was themed in the 20ies, so this was my outfit. In the afternoon we had a pottery workshop among other. 

8. ET go home

9. Jan can make Mickey mouse pancakes

10. The children photographed us at a pizza dinner as well as some reflections from the restaurant window

11.  My chill children

12. I'm rich?

13. Winter cosiness


Le petit requin said…
Mooie foto, die zwart-witte! En toffe twentiesoutfit, die haarband maakt het af :)
Goofball said…
@le petit requin: die haarband was de eerste die als zoekresultaat op bol.com kwam en direct leverbaar was. Gevolg: we waren op dat kerstfeestje met > 8 collega's met exact dezelfde haarband aan.

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