Blue Saturday

Last Monday was "Blue Monday" and all media discussed it up to the point it was annoying. 
It's been foggy all week so I can believe that works on people's mood. At work people were also stressed due to the speculation of restructuring or the office move we need to prepare on really short notice.

I also thught about Blue Monday when postponing for more than a week taking down the Christmas tree. Somehow I was not up to it. I couldn't find the time but it might have been an excuse that I was dreading to take it away and make my living room look so bare again. 

In the end I decided to finally go for it this weekend when I decided not to drive to the Ardennes without Jan and Kabouter who had both other obligations already.  But I decided to leave a line of lights above the dresser to keep some of the atmosphere.  That was a good decision.

Nevertheless I was quite irritated for all the cleaning up I had to do at home so I chased everyone outside for some fresh fog air to go get some fresh vegetables before we got back in the home with delivered food and a family tv night.


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