Meeting up with friends

I don't do in New Year's resolutions.  But I do believe in improving yourself or tackling something when you identify a wish or need or good idea.  So I wrote last year already on the importance of good connections and my wish to be a better friend.

I am therefore really happy that I could start the year with going out for dinner with my best friends from university that I don't meet enough lately.  (Although it's improving, one of my friends I saw then and then ...given the fact we live quite far away from each other, 3 times in 5 months is not so bad anymore no?...let's keep that up).

We met at a fair driving distance for all of us in Mie Katoen in Affligem which apparently turns out ot be a hotspot for famous cyclers, football players and singers. Not sure how one of my friends knew this spot because I'd not spontaneously search for an old farm full of antiques and decorations but somehow it all seemed very cosy and fitting. 

After we got our reserved table I noticed that we were seated in fact next to Roger De Vlaeminck and his latest girlfriend

It was fun to reconnect.  It was also necessary to reconnect as some of the friendships had faded a bit. Our paths are all so different, our lives so busy.  But yet we face similar challenges and had some quite good conversations that went deeper than our usual silly jokes that we also exchanged.

I intended to take a nice hipster picture of my meal but was already halfway my delicious venison when I remembered I intended to take a picture....I'l never be a hipster ;)


Sandra said…
Het witloof is anders nog mooi onaangeraakt :-)
Goofball said…
@Sandra: hahahahaaaaaa grappig zenne. Ik gun het het witloof om fotogeniek op de foto te komen.

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